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11 Adorable, Fun DIY Easter Wreaths

DIY Easter wreath made into Easter eggs by using multi-colored yard to hang on front door.

It’s finally the time of year we get to start utilizing the beautiful spring colors in everything! One of the holidays we really get to see springtime start to arrive is Easter. It’s still a bit chilly outside, yet flowers are starting to bloom, and everyone is getting ready to start their decorating and gardening.

I pulled together this fun list of Easter wreaths to get you started on decorating for springtime. It’s easy to create for any level of crafter, and a great project to do with kids! To start, make sure to have a base of some kind.

Cardboard circular cutout for a wreath base with middle circle cut out.
Cardboard wreath base cutout
Metal circluar ring wreath base
Metal wreath ring base
Grapevine branch circular wreath base bare.
Grapevine wreath base
Green circule foam wreath base.
Foam wreath ring base

You can create a round cardboard base, buy a foam wreath base, or a metal ring base from places like your local Dollar Store, Michael’s, Joann’s, etc. All other materials can be found in the same places, or from things you have around the house. Wal Mart always has an inexpensive area for Easter stuff that you can use as well. Here are some fun ideas for you to enjoy!

1. Colorful Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

2. Fluffy Soft Easter Bunny Wreath

3. Easter Basket with Eggs Wreath

4. Pastel Easter Egg Wreath

5. Yellow Marshmellow Peeps Wreath

6. Floating Easter Egg Wreath

7. Spring Easter Candy Wreath

8. Baby Yellow Chicks Wreath

DIY Easter wreath made from furry yellow baby chicks all glued together on a circular base.
Learn How Here

9. Yarn Easter Egg Wreath

DIY Easter wreath made into Easter eggs by using multi-colored yard to hang on front door.
Learn How Here

10. Rainbow Easter Peeps Wreath

DIY Easter wreath made from rainbow colored Peeps marshmallow candies glued together on a circular base with a ribbon glued to the top.
Learn How Here

11. Deco Mesh Easter Wreath

DIY Easter wreath made from multi-colored deco mesh, foam Easter egg picks, with bunny ears glued to the middle.
Learn How Here

I hope these encourage you to start creating, and get ready for the springtime! The snow finally melts, the sun comes out, and your inspiration can be found outdoors again! What sort of wreaths do you like to hang up? Are there any DIY projects you have lined up for spring?

Until next time, I leave you with the words of Dee Hock ” Make an empty space in any corner of your mind, and creativity will instantly fill it.”

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  1. FANTASTIC IDEAS!! Your choice of colors and easy to follow instructions make this one of the best DIY articles I’ve seen yet. Keep the ideas coming and Keep up the good work. I’ll recommend this website to everyone I know.
    Good job Lively Fox
    Well done

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