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4 Real-Life Lessons From My Pup

In December of 2017, I set out into our car with my fiancé and drove an hour away from our home late in the evening. We were going to pick up a 6 week old, mainly black, heeler/corgi/boxer mix puppy that I had been in contact about. He looked like a little bear, adorably chubby and especially fluffy. I was in love already!

The cutest puppy in the world.
The cutest pup, and my best friend, Dexter.

Thus, Dexter was brought into our lives, changing them completely. Not only does he brighten every day, he helps tremendously with my depression and anxiety. The times I feel I can’t even leave my bed, Dexter is right there by my side the entire time.

I believe we can learn so many things from dogs, and many other animals. We can underestimate how brilliant these creatures can be, therefore miss out on amazing lessons they might have to offer. I thought about everything Dexter has taught me so far, and I feel like the lessons are already life-changing. I thought I would share a few to show how much they can change your life.

1. Always be aware, and follow your gut.

White dog licking nose while standing on pavement.
Attentive Pup licking his snout.

Anyone that has ever met Dexter has told me that he is very attentive to everything going on. In watching him, it has, in turn, made me much more aware of what is going on around me. At an off-leash park one day, I was alone with Dexter, when a man appeared without a dog. I instantly felt nervous. When I looked down at Dexter, all of his hair was standing on his back, and he was growling really low. Needless to say, we left right away, but I am so glad I have become more aware. I’ve learned to better trust my instincts, and listen to my gut feelings.

2. Life is too short. Live happily, and enjoy the little things.

Happy yellow retriever smiling up at photographer.
Happiest of good boys.

Life is so full of ups and downs, we have to remember to slow down, enjoy the things around us, and live happily. Every time I find myself upset or caught up in a moment, Dexter comes to me with his toys ready to play. I couldn’t be upset when his adorable face is reminding me everything is just fine, and to be happy. The times I feel stressed, he finds me, and licks my hand, bringing me back to calm.

3. Everyone needs a friend.

Momma dog huddling over her puppy in the snow.
Mamma looking over her puppy.

To survive in the world, everyone needs someone they can lean on for support at times. It may be family, friends, your spouse, or your pup. Life can be complicated, make you feel like you’re alone. These are the times you need a friend to lean on. It’s okay to reach out for help. You are not made to take on everything alone. I am very lucky to have not only my happy pup but a loving fiance that is supportive, kind, and a wonderful best friend.

4. Love unconditionally, and deeply.

Pup licking mans chin while on porch.
Pup loving his owner.

My favorite thing in the world about having a dog is how unconditional their love is. I can wake up with my hair in every direction, in my pajamas, before I brush my teeth, and yet he is beyond happy to see me. When we come back home from an outing or work, Dexter can barely contain his excitement, yelps loudly, and does laps in front of the door. It has taught me not to have expectations when you truly love someone. Love them for their flaws, their strengths, bad days, good days, everything. We don’t have enough time on this earth to waste it by living a half-life.

I would love to know, what has your pets taught you? How have you changed having them in your life?

Until next time, I leave you with the words of Josh Billings who said,”A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

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